Sundered Skies over Boston

Dynastic Struggle on Dragon's Spine ( 2 sessions)

The heroes rescued the princess Quebo Kan Nuti (“Quincy”) from the grip of the neo-fascist Drakin group headed by Hru Quebo (aka Serpentine). Hru, a traitorous relative of the Emperor, sought to raise Quincy to the throne on the strength of her claim to be Chosen. He was artificially enhancing her transformation with blood transfusions from murdered Drakin.

The night after effecting the rescue the heroes were contacted by Sylvestris Karnog, an Elven Shadow Agent who was in league with Hru and hoped to run the Drakin nation as a puppet regime. Lothmoq went to fetch the rest of the party to effect a quick escape by ship, but while he was gone Horludai appealed to Sam and Ragnir that the safest course of action was to give up the girl.

Zmei, however, made a swift journey back to the ship, and she responded no less swiftly to the presence of Elven Oakthorn Militia on the ship, using Telekinesis to pick up Karnog and dangle him over the side of the ship. She sought in this way to hold the enemy in check, but Horludai responded to this opportunity with three blazing bolts dead on the floating form of Karnog. Fighting broke out and by the end the elves were defeated, most of them dead. Ragniir took the ship out and fled.

The ship was sighted by the Drakin militia enforcing a martial law curfew, and they summoned the great dragon which stands as final defense of the Drakin throne, Jado Kestris. Jado is great-great-great uncle to the emperor, and is the last great dragon in the royal line still living. Jado saw the wisdom of allowing Quincy her freedom: if she proved genuinely Chosen, the throne would be strengthened by the existence of such an heir; if she did not, better that she live secretly elsewhere than that she remain a blot upon the family honor.



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