Sundered Skies over Boston

Look before you Leap

Confronted with an archway that reads, “Abandon all hope, Ye that enter,” the party becomes cautious. They want to know who this gate was crafted by and why. Who were the lost people of the Star Crater Isle? A thorough search of the ruined city turns up some crucial clues: Star Crater Isle once was the civilized center of the Skies, a place of great Sorcerer-Kings whose lost magic is unrivaled by the petty tricksters of today. Apparently the Sorcerer-Kings in their final years were dealing with the Devil, and when the Devils got wind that they were being cheated, they brought down the Hammer that turned the Crystalline City into the Star Crater.

Sven Green finds a religious artifact hidden in an altar “To the Unknown God” and is inspired to become a priest of Oceanus.



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