Sundered Skies over Boston

Lotlhmoq, Ascendent

Traveling back to Shadowhaven from Dragon’s Spine, the crew of the Unfair Advantage were attacked by a Madness Hulk. They dispatched two Voider priests and a motley crew of pirates, and found a haul of treasure. But in a forward cabin they also found a fragment of the Lightbringer’s consciousness. And they foolishly provoked the god to attack. Sam invoked the god as Oceanus, temporarily restoring the fragment’s sanity, but not before everyone had been damaged by a burst of voidglow. Later on the journey Lotlhmoq went glowmad, attacking Uath and Horludai. Quincy, desperate at the thought of losing her savior and protector, desperately invoked Oceanus/Lightbringer to save his devotee. The God returned in a mixed form and bore the wounded, glowmad Lotlhmoq out into the void.



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