Sundered Skies over Boston

Magnificent Elven Betrayal

After years of spouting the superiority of Elven civilization, Horludai finally shows all his cards. The crew had agreed to take on the challenges of Aria, and had managed to enlist the help of two songpriestesses, Lessa and Iola. D’Aramis seduced Lessa, while Sven managed to bring Iola on board as a hireling.

But, after picking Q Rexis back up in Dragon Spine, the crew encountered an Elven Patrol vessel en route to Aria. And Horludai saw his chance to return to the elven fold. He lay low as the elven vessel pulled abreast, then stood up to demand that the elves “Arrest these men in the name of the Queen.”

By the time the dust had settled, the Unfair Advantage was crippled. The crew surrendered, but not before Uath, enraged, managed to pitch Horludai overboard. He ranted as he fell, “You’ll see now that the elven way is better…..”



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