Sundered Skies over Boston

Revolution in the Lower City

The big payday from selling the Orcish War Raft and the Pirate ship led several longstanding crewmembers to retire. Ragniir does so publicly. The real surprise comes later, when the remaining crew wakes up at the end of a week of carousing to discover that both Zmei and Sam have disappeared. Further research suggests foul play in Sam’s case. The heroes trace him to Shadowhaven, and they surmise that Fat Tony has captured him. They stage a raid and recover Sam’s Dragon Pistol. In the course of the raid, Fat Tony dies. The heroes find no trace of Sam, but they encounter a number of identical women with sorcerous spells identical to Sam’s familiar set. Leaving town, they realize that they’ve been had: Sam arranged the whole thing, setting them up to off Tony for them, leaving him to run the mob in the Lower City with the help of his FemBots.



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