Sundered Skies over Boston

The Agent

The crew awakens to find that they’re just a week’s journey away from Aria. Horludai is at the helm, wearing a hat and speaking with jocular charm. There’s some confusion as to what brought them there.

  • Raimondas’ new character Iola accepts that this is Horludai and that their journey to Aria has gone without a hitch.
  • Justin’s Marius does too.
  • Howard’s Uath recollects that this isn’t Horludai, but rather Uath’s father, returned after 40 years wandering. He remembers that he killed Horludai, who was really Uath’s stepfather, and that enabled his father to return to him at last.
  • Jacob’s Sven Green knows the bitter truth: they were taken into elven custody and tortured for information, after which they were reconditioned to believe that their mission to Aria hadn’t been interrupted. The man who calls himself Horludai is an elven agent.

The crew made landing in Aria and there encountered the half-mad god Festival. Festival asked their help in recovering his homeland and in response to a whispered request from Sven Green has agreed at the end to remove the veil from the crew’s eyes, that they may know the truth. The Agent will, of course, do what he can to prevent this eventuality.



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