Sundered Skies over Boston

The Claw of Hurk'Ala

On their return to Shadowhaven, the crew learned of an opportunity for a heist that would leave everyone rich: an exceedingly precious artifact was to be auctioned at the house of the powerful Marquis d’Albertis. The artifact was an ancient weapon crafted from the claw of a true dragon, long held by the House of Quebo in Dragon’s Spine, but now up for auction after the arrest of Hru Quebo on charges of treason and the concomitant seizure of his lands.

The party learned of this from Misty Bezkin, an elf courtesan who caters to the noble class in the upper city of Shadowhaven. One of her customers just happens to be Monsieur de Treville, the Captain of the King’s Musketeers, and she found in his pocket a note from the Marquis d’Albertis demanding a full guard complement for his mansion in town.

Also joining the party were Marius Leveque and (Jacob’s new character).

The heist went off well, despite skirmishes with both musketeers and ninja sent from Dragon’s Spine. The final showdown with two of the great musketeer heroes, Athos and Porthos, was ably negotiated by Marius: (details?).



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