Stealthy Swordsman and Sorcerer


Raised on a plantation in Heartland, Lotlhmoq ran away from home after witnessing the whipping meted out to a Wilding as punishment for talking back to one of its “betters.” He was traced and brought back home twice before he finally managed to fake a convincing death for himself and escape as a stowaway to Shadowhaven. Once there Lotlhmoq made money as a runner for a gambler on the periphery of Fat Tony’s empire. The money was pretty good, but Lotlhmoq had imbibed a dose of genuine altruism, and he trained himself incessantly, styling himself “Assassin of Alpha.”

Race: Elf Charisma: 0 Pace 6" Toughness 5 Parry 7 (8 w/ Rapier) Weight Limit: 40 lbs.
Attributes die accounting Skills die accounting
Agility d10 (1 + 1race +1exp) Fighting (Ag) d10 (3+½exp)
Smarts d8 (2) Guts (Sp) d6 (1+½exp)
Strength d8 (1+1exp) Spellcasting (Sm) d8 (3)
Spirit d6 (1) Notice (Sm) d8 (3)
Vigor d6 (1hindrance) Stealth (Ag) d10 (3+½exp)
      Streetwise (Sm) d8 (2+½exp)
  total 5 at start   total 15 at start
Wanted (Minor) by the Heartland
Outsider (Minor)
Code of Honor (Major) Kill only the Guilty, Champion the Innocent
All Thumbs (Racial)
Arcane Background (Sorcery)
Wall Walker (Racial)
Two Fisted (exp)
Ambidextrous (exp)
Block (exp)
Powers (10 pwr pts)
Smite (cost 2, 2 dmg (4 w/ raise), lasts 3 (1/round))
Bolt (cost 1-6, range 12/24/48, 2d6-3d6 dmg, 1-3 bolts)
Boost/Lower Trait (2, range Smarts, +1 to trait (
2 w/ raise), lasts 3 (+1/round))
Magic Longsword Str d8 (2 to hit)
Rapier Str + d4 Wt 3 Parry +1 Cost 300
Dagger Str + d4 Wt 1 Cost 50
Sleeping Canvas Wt 5 Cost 40
Backpack Wt 2 Cost 75
Candle Wt 1 Cost 2
Whetstone Wt 1 Cost 5
Flint & Steel Wt 1 Cost 5
Clothing: normal Wt – Cost 20
total cost 497 cogs
total weight 14 lbs.
cash: 330 cogs
Accounting: 35 exp
hind: +to Vigor (d6)
hind: Arcane Background (Sorcery)
race: Wall Walker
5: + to Str (d8)
10: Two Fisted feat
15: Ambidextrous
20: + to Agility (d10)
25: + to Fighting (d10) & Stealth (d10)
30: + Streetwise (d8) & + Guts (d6)
35: Block


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