Marius Leveq

Charismatic Petty Noble on the Rise


The following stats are pasted in from Sven Green’s Sheet

Race: Human Charisma: +2 Pace 6" Toughness ? Parry ? Weight Limit: 40 lbs.
Attributes die accounting Skills die accounting
Agility d10 (2 +1exp) Fighting (Ag) d10 (3+½exp)
Smarts d6 (1) Guts (Sp) d6 (racial)
Strength d8 (2) Taunt (Sm) d4 (1)
Spirit d6 (racial bonus edge) Notice (Sm) d6 (1+½exp)
Vigor d6 (1exp) Stealth (Ag) d8 (1+1exp)
      Streetwise (Sm) d6 (2)
      Climbing (St) d4 (1)
      Persuasion (Sp) d6 (2)
      Lockpicking (Ag) d6 (1½exp)
      Shooting (Ag) d10 (3+½exp)
      Arcane Oceanus(Sp) d4 (1exp)
  total 5 at start   total 15 at start
Loyal (racial)
Subborn (minor)
Vow (Undermine Heartland)
Wanted (Heartland—minor)
Jaded (Racial—d6 Guts)
Attractive (hindr)
Quick (hindr)
Connections (exp)
Priest of Oceanus (exp)
Cane Sword Str d8 (2 to conceal)
Med Shield (1 Parry)
Pistol (5/10/20) 2d6
Court Finery
Travel Clothes
30 ft rope + grapple
Sleeping Canvas
Loft Oil (on armor; last until exp 42)
total weight 14 lbs.
Accounting: 43 exp
hind: Attractive
hind: Quick
race: Jaded
racial bonus edge: + Spirit (d6)
5: + Vigor (d6)
10: + Notice (d6) & Stealth (d6)
15: + Stealth (d8) & + Lockpicking (d6)
20: Connections
25: + Agility (d10)
30: + Fighting (d10) & Shooting (d10)
35: Arcane Background: Oceanus
40: Invoke Oceanus (arcane skill)

Marius Leveq

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