Sundered Skies over Boston

Famine and Madness in Plenty (3 sessions)

Famine spread across the Skies. No grain had arrived from Plenty in six months. The heroes knew that a military expedition had left Shadowhaven for Plenty some months earlier, but there was no word of its fate. At the urging of Horludai, the group left Dragon Spine for Gateway, to seek the advice of Joseth. But in his place on the Avenue of Gods was only a fanatic acolyte, who told them Joseth had left a few weeks earlier for Plenty.

Arriving in Plenty, the group found the place overrun by maddened farmers. Joseth’s coracle stood at anchor in the harbor. In the town center were some traces of the military expedition, including one half-mad soldier (who later succumbed fully to famine madness). He reported how the expedition made an early beachhead, but then later was surrounded and decimated. The group surmised that soldiers bitten in the first conflict later came down with madness and rose to attack their sleeping fellows.

Peeling posters suggested that madness struck Plenty in the middle of an election campaign. These posters were now defaced with bloody graffiti by mad citizens proclaiming the rule of the Devourer. A complex arcane diagram was inscribed in blood on the floor of the Navigators’ Hall, which Horludai surmised to be a spell locking something away in a pocket dimension.

After surviving several waves of zombies, the heroes encountered Joseth, who led them to the temple of the Lifemother, at the crest of a steep hill. There they fought off zombie attacks while Joseth performed a ritual to re-sanctify the temple. When the temple was once more pure, the Lifemother appeared before them all, healing them and instructing them how to force open the to the pocket dimension in the Navigators’ Hall.

Armed with buckets and mops, the heroes managed to scrub the floor clean at the Navigators’ hall, forcing the masterminds of the famine to come out from their place of hiding. Vilam Gedion (brother to the late governor) and Kedrick Lifedances (apostate high priest of the Lifemother) had collaborated to hoard Plenty’s food. Their plan (to corner the market on grain while at the same time creating a food panic by artificial famine) made a certain kind of sense. But when you consider how much of the hoarded grain was eaten by their pet demon devourer, the madness of their greed becomes apparent.

But madness was catching just then in Plenty. Before the fight was over, a new fight had begun between Sam and Zmei. In seconds Horludai had challenged Sam. Then Lotlhmoq and Joseth felt obliged to intervene. By the time the dust had settled, the bond holding these heroes was in question.

Kidnapping in Dragon's Spine (2 sessions)

In Dragon Spine, the party was pleased to learn of a new policy welcoming Wilding refugees as labor force. Horludai looked into this scheme to verify it as genuine, and saw their cargo of refugees set up in new quarters with jobs in the textile industry.

Ragniir oversaw an upgrade to the Unfair Advantage, adding dragon wings to give the ship a faster speed.

Lotlhmoq learned from Sebu Sut that her daughter Quincy is a princess daughter of the Emperor of Dragon’s Spine. With Sam’s help and advice, Lotlhmoq was able to bribe postal workers to get an address for where Quincy had been taken: not the royal compound, but Wing Crest, the family seat of Baron Hru Quebo, located at the southern tip of the island.

Delayed by ship repairs from making an immediate rescue attempt, Lotlhmoq and the others one afternoon stumbled upon a dead orc merchant, marked with a “Coward” sign about his neck. They were almost immediately accused of the crime by a roving band of orcish vigilantes. The party got away, but not before Lotlhmoq was spotted and identified. He is now a wanted man in Dragon’s Spine.

When the time the Unfair Advantage was at last ready to weigh anchor, Lotlhmoq made a daring solo rescue attempt, but by this time there was no sign of Quincy anywhere in or around Wing Crest.

Sebu Sut and Slippery Pete

Meanwhile, Sam hooked up with his childhood friend, Slippery Pete, for a night out on the town. Pete knew of a gambling game in the wealthy district where they might parlay Sam’s 900 cog stake into something more massive. The game went well for Sam at the very end, but not before he was recognized by “Slim Profit” MacGee, an orc bodyguard from the underworld who undoubtedly knew all about the price that Fat Tony had put on Sam’s head.

Just as the group was weighing anchor to return to Gateway, Sebu Sut came running up to the dock, calling Lotlhmoq’s name. Her daughter Quincy had been kidnapped. So Lotlhmoq remained behind in Shadowhaven while the rest of the crew embarked for Gateway. By the end of the first night he’d identified her kidnapper as a tall, one-eyed glowborn, with a vertical scar running down through his right eye. The kidnapper had left for Dragonspine, so Lotlhmoq purchased passage for himself and Sebu Sut aboard a fast ship. They were overtaken by pirates, but Lotlhmoq managed to bribe the pirate captain.

Arriving in Gateway, Zmei was disappointed to find Jesche and Jarle unwilling to take the Wilding captives off her hands. Ragnirr meanwhile pursued his fortune in Gateway high society, placing honorably in a regatta and pursuing an alliance with Mathilda, the aging daughter of one of the leading merchant houses.

In Shadowhaven

During the trip back to Gateway, the heroes were accosted by a courier being pursued by glowmad pirates. They took him aboard and decided to escort him all the way to Shadowhaven, where the Trade Council would pay handsomely for his safe passage. Once there, they declined to join a military expedition to rescue Plenty, where food stores were said to be under threat from widespread demonic possession. While in port in Shadowhaven, Lotlhmoq looked up his old landlord Madame LaFarge and his former neighbors Sebu Sut and her daughter Quincy. Meanwhile, Zmei spotted a Shepherd who was holding a group of wildings captive. She and Horludai confronted the Shepherd, one Quorn, and, with the help of the returning Horludai, killed him and set the wildings free.

Bone Queen II

The heroes fought their way through the mummified dragon’s innards to find its soul, which powered the ship’s engines. Loosing that soul from bondage led to the ship’s rapid disintegration. The heroes only narrowly escaped on a skysloop.

The Bone Queen

Returning to Gateway, the heroes looked up Joseth Truthsayer and took him up on his proposal. He gave them potions which disguised them as undead, and they took up roles on the Bone Queen’s flagship, Soulflame.

MacGuinty's Hoard

The heroes cracked the code, realizing that the dirt on the crackers was earth from another island where MacGuinty had presumably cached his hoard. That island turned out to be Sheltersky Isle, the site of a religious order of Manuntics. MacGuinty had been coming to the island once yearly to stash iron bars in its chapel. The heroes reached an accommodation with the order’s leader, Elshanta the Grave, taking a few bars in exchange for revealing the order’s wealth.

A Sure Thing

After seeing the wildings safely to Timber, the group ran into SkyFander MacZinn a shady figure looking for some “Rowdies” for what he claimed was “a sure thing.” MacZinn had word that Pegleg MacGuinty and his band of hearties had all fallen badly ill. MacZinn had earth from MacGuinty’s island hideout, and was willing to cut the heroes in for equal shares of MacGuinty’s hoard, fabled to be among the largest in the Skies. MacZinn turned out to be himself a Sky Pirate, a former member of MacGuinty’s crew, but our heroes saw through his trechery and tied him up in the hold. Nonetheless, the “sure thing” on MacGuinty’s island turned out to be an island populated with 15 Glowmad pirates and one pig. To make matters worse, it turned out that MacGuinty didn’t keep his hoard on the island; at day’s end, the heroes had only a gnomic clue, a scrap of parchment labelled “Stored away against hunger” and filled with a few dirty crackers.


The group ran guns for the Boughbreakers, arranged through Lotlhmoq’s connections. Horludai’s credentials got the group past harbor security in Heartland, and Daramis came up with a clever plan to smuggle the arms shipment ashore by pretending to purchase a case of elven potions and then rejecting the shipment, sending the crate back full of weapons. This worked swimmingly, but when the suspiciously heavy “empty” crate arrived on board, it turned out to have three Wilding slaves inside. Lotlhmoq’s contact begged the group to smuggle them to Timber and the group agreed, after some hesitation. The session ended after the group returned to Gateway, en route to Timber, with plaudits going to Ragniir, whose piloting saw the group through two encounters without a drop of blood shed by the heroes. Next session begins with the long and usually perilous journey to Timber.

Gateway Misadventures

Reunited with Lotlhmoq and Zmei, the group kicked around in Gateway. Sam and Daramis both ran into old acquaintances (Weasel McPhee and Jaques D’Albertis, respectively). And, in the market, several people in the group spotted an old Wanted poster with Lotlhmoq’s name on it. The group was hired by Tomas Hawke to protect him from an attack he was anticipating, at a price of 1 cannon (now) and 1000 cogs to be paid after the attack. In this effort they were surprisingly successful, managing to capture the prominent pirate captain Palmstorm, but only after the office and record room were set ablaze.


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