Sundered Skies over Boston

Salvage Mission 2

Daramis joined the group in Gateway, but Lotlhmoq and Zmei, who were both badly affrighted, were not available. This time the group was successful, managing to defeat a hideous demon puppeteer and salvage the wreck wholesale. During the return voyage, the mad god Lightbringer appeared to them and gave the group a quest to perform, lest the Sundered Skies be destroyed.

Salvage Mission

The heroes were hired to salvage a wreck which went went missing several years ago in the Shattered City outside Gateway. The father of the ship’s captain, a merchant named Tomas Hawke, hopes to recover the bodily remains of his son, Allon; the heroes get $1000 and can keep anything else they find. The characters were forced (by time constraints) to turn back before completing the task.

Present: Tewhill’s Ragniir, Jacob’s Lotlhmoq, Diana’s Zmei, Howard’s Sam, and Raimondas’ Horludai.


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