The primary economic activity is trade, supported by continuing efforts to salvage bits of the Shattered City. Gateway is ruled as an oligarchy by a cabal of leading merchants. In this sense, it owes something to Renaissance Venice, but we’ve been borrowing from the social mores of Victorian and Edwardian London. The wealthy live in an exclusive neighborhood on a hill overlooking the rest of town. Limited # villas = limited # ruling familes. The Avenue of the Gods is part of the pubished setting, but I’ve been imagining it by reference to the “Street of the Gods” in Fritz Lieber’s Lankhmar.

Key NPCs:

Thomas Hawke, merchant

Anna Devita, barkeep and owner of the Blue Oyster.

Jeche and Jarle Birchstaff, proprietors of the Windblown Flotsam

Ardent Dervish, follower of Joseth Truthbearer

Mathilda Scrimshaw, hieress to the Scrimshaw fortune


Sundered Skies over Boston henebry