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This wiki collects and shares information about the world of Sundered Skies, some of it different from the standard campaign setting. Players should feel free to jump in and edit this page. If you need help check out these editing guidelines.


Gateway, the trading post of salvage operations in the Shattered City

Sheltersky Isle, a little-known island of the Mauntic Order

Shadowhaven, the home of the Shadow King, who dominates economic activity in the Skies through the operation of the Trade Council

Dragon’s Spine, the Drakin homeland

Plenty, the “breadbasket” of the Skies, but recently a hub of political intrigue



Seek these artifacts

The demon’s heart


Trade Council


People vital to PC goals (minor NPCs listed in island descriptions)

Mathilda Scrimshaw, hieress to the Scrimshaw fortune being courted by Ragniir

Kestler Parasite, recognized Sam in Gateway

Jaques d’Albertis, old rival of Daramis

Joseth Truthbearer, prophet

Skyfander MacZinn, sky pirate who swore vengeance

Sebu Sut, mother of Quincy whom Lotlhmoq swore to help

Slippery Pete, childhood friend of Sam’s from Shadowhaven


The Unfair Advantage, fast enough for you, old man.

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