In the published setting, Shadowhaven is “the bureaucratic center of the Sundered Skies,” a place where the power of the Trade council is felt directly. Michael’s character forced me to rethink the place a bit, though, replacing an oligarchic “trade council” with a Shadow King on the order of Louis XVI.

  • The Shadow King dominates trade through his Ruling Council; nobles compete for jobs which provide them with monopoly access or rights of taxation.
  • Culture is 17th century French in flavor—lots of frills and cuffs and buttons and spangles.
  • Servant class works very hard for little pay.
  • Non-nobles treated with real disdain; it’s much harder to social climb here than in Gateway.
  • Tax on imports set at “1 in 20” (5%).
  • The Underworld is dominated by Fat Tony of Threepenny Lane. Tony is a power unto himself, but his profits are fed by the appetites of the nobles.

Key NPCs:

Fat Tony of Threepenny Lane

Slim Profits MacGee, orcish bodyguard in Fat Tony’s organization

Slippery Pete, Sam’s childhood friend

Madamme LeFarge, Lotlhmoq’s former landlady


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